In the end, it got even more expensive

In the end, it got even more expensive

By our employee franz galster

Obertrubach – with delay, the community of obertrubach has now established itself in all respects for the current election period. The council still debated the compensation for the second and third mayors. For this reason, the district office, as the legal supervisory authority, has now determined the compensation in accordance with the law and explained the procedure in detail.
The story had begun on 7. May started in the community council meeting. The municipal councils like it for itself unanimously with the past compensation rates. According to the usual calculations, as explained by the district administration, mayor markus gruner (CSU) had been entitled to 3454 euros as a monthly compensation in the future. Gruner waived 254 euros of his own accord. So the council agreed after strong objections of the opposition in the council.

Objection from the opposition
For the second mayor stefan lang, the CSU group proposed an increase in the compensation from 75 to 100 euros, for the third mayor erwin eichler (CSU) it should be 50 instead of the previous 37.74 euros. These rates are demonstrably far below the rates applied in comparable communities in the county. Eichler and lang as affected parties therefore insisted on this adjustment. The opposition with its spokesman roland wolfel (BW-GO) considered this to be excessive, so that no resolution was reached. A second attempt at the session on 4. June also brought no result. Accordingly, the municipality had no other option than to write a letter dated 27 june. June 2014 to turn to the legal supervisory authority of the district office.
The counsel was aware beforehand in conversation that this could bring a very different result. With letter of 22. July now followed the official determination with a very detailed explanation of how the values are calculated. Accordingly, they set the compensation for the second mayor at 150 euros, and that of the third mayor at 100 euros. Mayor gruner emphasized that this decision was now taken out of the hands of the municipality.
For a moment the discussion threatened to get completely out of control. Roland wolfel, in a harsh tone, accused the mayors of stuffing their pockets, costing the community another 50,000 euros, and appealed to their morals. "This is clearly below the belt", erwin eichler forbade himself the outburst. "It's your own fault, said councillor adolf zellmann (CSU), addressing wolfel.
Hans brutting (ABL) and hermann frieser (G) from the opposition suggested that the originally unaccepted rates should now be accepted after all. But that meant an objection against the district office again, because there is a decision from there. "We tried to reach an agreement, but you refused", erwin eichler replied.
Stefan lang tried to make a point in the heated discussion. The situation of the mayors is different today than it used to be. It was necessary to leave the workplace during appointments. That may be somewhat simpler with self-employed persons. "You in the opposition had agreed to this earlier. So no one is really happy", meant long in conclusion. In any case, there was nothing more to vote on during this debate. The legal supervision has spoken.

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