Jorg schmidt asks for the lord’s help

Jorg schmidt asks for the lord's help

The verse from the book of the prophet jesaiah is especially significant for jorg schmidt today. About six years ago, he came across the bible passage in the context of a project position at the evangelisches bildungswerk in bayreuth.

"The project was intended to help people affected by the burnout syndrome", tells jorg schmidt. Above all nurses had been among those affected. Bible study also played a role in this project. Reading and talking about bible passages was intended to help the participants cope with their illness.

"This passage fit very well and spoke positively to the people concerned," says jorg schmidt, he 32-year-old. For him, therefore, it was also given a rough value of place. "The position is of great importance to me because I have seen that it helps other people." The smoldering wick and the bent stick are indications of the end, but god does not extinguish or destroy it. Especially the image of the glowing wick is for burnout patients of rough symbolic content. "But no matter how hopeless the situation, help always comes from god."

Jorg schmidt is also impressed by the other texts in the book of isaiah. "Isaiah is one of the most impressive prophets of the old testament. His lyrical and figurative language is remarkable", says the 32-year-old. "The prophets also speak comfort", explains jorg schmidt. The admonitions and consolation of the prophets of that time are also transferable to the present day.

Jorg schmidt, who runs the pilgrims’ office in marienweiher, has been connected to the church since his childhood. He was already playing the organ at the age of twelve. "I wanted to learn an instrument and our neighbor played the organ", he remembers. The example set by his neighbor and his attendance at many church services were the deciding factors that eventually led him to take organ lessons. "After I started playing in church services, the requests to lead a choir came all by themselves." Today, schmidt is a respected choir director who travels throughout the deanery as needed. He also leads the "acoustica" choir from stadtsteinach.

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