Kodeltal dam: enough drinking water for two years

Cindy dotschel when the mauthaus drinking water dam, also known as the kodel dam, is completely full, it holds 20 million cubic meters of water. "The average low after a dry summer half-year, as was the case most recently in 2018, is 13.9 million", reports matthias schrepfermann.

The concern that the drinking water may become scarce is unfounded. "Every third person in upper franconia gets his or her drinking water from the toll house, that’s just under 400,000 people." The capacity of the dam is such that it would still be one-fifth full after a double dry year. In this case, there would still be three million cubic meters of water in the reservoir.

"In water management, a double dry year is defined as four consecutive dry half-years, i.E. Two dry hydrological years.", explains the kronacher. A hydrological year is divided into two half-years, the summer half-year begins on 1. May and ends on 31. October. In the last summer half-year, a total of 936,318 cubic meters of water flowed into the dam. In the current summer half-year, 98 percent of this value has already been achieved within the months of may and june.

The dam’s operations manager reassures: "in the past, it has never happened that a dry summer and a dry winter half-year followed each other. Currently, 36 liters of water per second flow into the kodeltalsperre via two streams. "Over the tschirner kodel come zwolf and over the nordhalben kodel 24 liters."

70 liters per second

The kodeltalsperre regulates the flow of the rodach river, which rises in the thuringian border region near rodacherbrunn and flows into the main river at schwurbitz after 53 kilometers. "70 liters per second are discharged from the dam into the river all year round", explains schrepfermann. In a heat wave the crowd is increased. The decisive factor is that the discharge of the rodach at the measuring point amounts to 225 liters per second.

The outflow of the rodach has only a minor influence on the water level in the bamberger area. "Only one percent of the water that flows past the measuring point in trunstadt comes from the rodach river."

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