Kronach’s third mayor celebrates his 60th birthday. Birthday

Kronach's third mayor celebrates his 60th birthday. Birthday

Self-made boxes of chocolates tower on the living room table. Every single box is folded by hand. "I do that in the evening, after work", tells irma simon (58), the wife of the jubilarian. The boxes still have to be filled with candy, explains irma simon. But that's all the wife will tell her husband. For the 60th birthday party. Should be a surprise.

"I don't really have to do anything. My wife does all that, says hans simon and simply enjoys the anticipation: "i'm really looking forward to my birthday", says the jubilarian, who prefers to take advantage of the mild autumn days to work in the garden. Because that is his passion. When he retires, he would like to do a lot more in the garden: although the garden looks just perfect. The grass is as green as in the brochure. "The lawn is a philosophy. It is fertilized every few weeks", explains hans simon. But the newly turned sixty-year-old also enjoys the last pink roses that bloom next to his terrace or the idyllic pond with fish and its own river course.

Policeman by conviction

When hans simon is not on the road as third mayor or in the name of the SPD, he is a policeman. A policeman by conviction. "I'm the first policeman from kronach who has to work two months longer than usual. But I still have twenty days or so", explains the chief inspector and takes a relaxed view of the situation. Because actually it does not depend on the few days also more. And he has always enjoyed his job. However, hans simon's most exciting time professionally was not spent in kronach, but in wurzburg. Because there was always something going on. And in wurzburg he also met his wife.

"But at home with us in kronach, that's where it's simply best. Here I feel just so really sauwohl", swarmt hans simon. And he openly admits: "I'm a total club nut." In fact, he played soccer for years until he was 52. Year of his life. "I was in all positions, but I was never a goalkeeper," he says with a laugh, tells simon. "Sports have always been a great hobby of mine. Swimming, cross-country skiing and now I jog once a week", tells simon.

But that's not all: he is a member of the "bergmusikanten" music society, used to play electric guitar and bass guitar in a band. And he is also a member of the fruit and gardening association, the protestant church building association, the home care association and the gehulz fire department. Then he is also a member of the FCN fan club and of the traffic watch group.

Proud of the city

And of course hans simon is also a political player. "But i am actually a political spatzunder. I ran for office for the first time at the age of 49", he says with a laugh. But the people of kronach found that "certain experience" obviously inspiring confidence. Since 2002, hans simon has been a member of the city council for the SPD. And since 2008 he has also held the office of third mayor.

Simon is proud of the achievements that kronach has made in recent years, and he immediately thinks of the state horticultural show and the glittering 1000-year anniversary celebrations. "Kronach always has a lot to offer. For me, kronach is the nicest town of all", simon enthuses and emphasizes that he loves the fist festival and the many other cultural events.

But what will he do when he is really no longer on duty, but his wife still has a few years ahead of her as a police employee?? Hans simon doesn't think he'll get bored. Because he wants to visit rhodt, the town where he lives in kronach, and go deep-sea fishing in norway. Then he will go to venice with the family, as he has done for 28 years. Although he doesn't know any italian, he knows every street in venice.

But on friday, it's time to celebrate at home – with many congratulators at the ATSV sports center. And afterwards, the family and the SPD faction celebrate in the "heiligenwaldchen" in seelach more.

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