Krumme fohre is connected to the gas network – dollnitz is closed off

Drivers in the dollnitz area will have to be prepared for a longer detour next week: due to the construction of a gas pipeline, the local thoroughfare is expected to be closed from the 25th of next week.November until 13. December will be completely closed. We asked stefan franz, construction manager of the company LUK (licht- und kraftwerke) helmbrechts, for more details.

What exactly is at stake? Dollnitz is already connected to the gas network, krumme fohre not yet. The company LUK has the order to also connect krumme fohre.

What has been done so far? In the first construction phase, the pipes for the gas pipeline were laid at the exit from krumme fohre in the direction of dollnitz. Since the work was carried out directly on the road, it had to be closed on one side. Traffic was regulated with traffic lights. These works are already finished.

What is currently happening?

Workers from the company ASK kulmbach are currently laying pipes along a section of the road from dollnitz to krumme fohre. This concerns the section from the edge of the village to the junction with the state road 2190. Here, too, the road has to be closed on one side only. Traffic in the junction area will be controlled by a so-called three-way traffic light.

How to proceed? In the next phase of construction, the remaining pipes for the gas pipeline from dollnitz to krumme fohre will be laid. The major part of the route, which is about one kilometer long in total, runs off the road. This was deliberately planned: when the work for the bypass dollnitz begins, there should be no interference from the gas pipeline.

Why does the through road through dollnitz have to be closed?? As soon as the pipeline has been completely laid – in the trench area at a depth of around three meters, in the open field at a depth of just over one meter – the connection to the existing pipeline in dollnitz will follow. This is the point in time when the local thoroughfare has to be closed.

According to the construction manager, it is unlikely that the three-week period planned for the closure will actually be needed: "from a weather point of view, things are looking good. The connection of the line should not take more than a week." The rerouting is done during this time via kasendorf and thurnau respectively vice versa. The access to the properties in dollnitz remains guaranteed.

When will the tree removal be completed? This year, according to information from the LUK, the pipeline will initially be laid as far as the 2190 state road in krumme fohre. After the winter break it should continue next year. Then the entire kasendorf district is to be developed. The total cost of the tree removal will be approximately 100,000 euros.

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