Kulmbach district: where do the cyclists of yesteryear ride??

Today, about 7500 cars drive here every day – 90 years ago, the then new road was not even asphalted yet. Hardly anyone could have recognized that our historical picture was taken in unterbrucklein; the cyclists ride in the direction of bayreuth.

Eduard kaschka found the photo in his picture box. He learned from his mother margarete and his uncle eduard muller that the current B 85 was built in 1928.

This was the site of the old local road

Before, the road was by no means straight through the village. The old village street still exists today, but is hardly noticed by through traffic. Coming from neudrossenfeld, the road branches off to the left at the muller inn. The route continues over the gristelsbergla until you turn off again at the munch farm towards kulmbach.

According to contemporary witnesses, the building material from the schwingen quarry was delivered by horse-drawn carts. The stone crushing plant was located opposite the muller inn; the onward transport to the construction site was carried out on tracks with lorries. Only after the war, according to eduard kaschka, the main street, as it is known in unterbrucklein, was asphalted.

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