Luck is when the gap is closed

Luck is when the gap is closed

What is happiness and what is the meaning of life?? Two questions that have moved people since time immemorial and to which religions and philosophies have sought answers. The buddhist monch linji, which in 9. The company, which lived in the twentieth century, has dealt with this issue forcefully. And with him, in turn, jens wimmers, lecturer in philosophy at bamberg university. So intense that he even wrote a book "linji’s way to happiness", he wrote about him.

At a reading in the bookstore bucher-schmidt in adelsdorf, he presented it. He not only read from his work, but also explained a great deal about the philosophical considerations of happiness. He did not stay with the buddhist direction as represented by linji. Greek philosophy à la artistotle on the subject of happiness was also presented by him in detail.

In principle, it is about inner harmony and the attempt to put one’s own inner turmoil back together again. Then you’re back to the middle high german "gelucke", from which the word "luck" is derived which is nothing other than a "closed hole" denotes. One tur, for example, is a luck because it closes the gap in the entrance to the house.

The inner rift

In a figurative sense, it means that something turns out well or that there are. Ends. This is in line with aristotle, who sees the way to happiness in overcoming the inner rift, i.E. Closing the gap between feeling and reason, which is inherent in every human being.

Of course, there is not just one approach to happiness, but many different approaches. For example, the stoics, who try to reach the state of happiness through inner peace, while the epicureans seek to achieve this goal through active action.

The various forms of happiness were also presented by jens wimmers. The chance luck, the momentary luck and the life luck. The latter can only be determined on one’s deathbed, when one’s life is behind one, can evaluate it as a whole and then hopefully come to the conclusion that it was a happy one.

Taking luck by the horns

If you lived your life in the unity of happy feelings and sensible decisions, you have a good chance of having a successful one, according to wimmers. However, it is also sometimes necessary to "take a chance" to be grabbed, namely when the greek god of the favorable moment, kairos, rushes past you, who has a mop of hair on his forehead, but no hair on the back of his neck. So you have to get it in time, otherwise you’ll miss out on the luck.

The reading was followed by an intensive discussion with the committed audience, whose questions jens wimmers was able to answer with aplomb. Bookseller christian schmidt was enthusiastic about the great response to the reading, but had to disillusion the audience somewhat, as the greatest luck on earth, namely being a bookseller in adelsdorf, had unfortunately already been taken away.

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