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Why Cats Don’t Have Insomnia

Synchronicity never fails to amaze me. I awoke quite early this morning, and out of nowhere the thought that cats don’t have insomnia popped into my head, making me smile. Nice idea for an article, I mused. A short while later I was browsing my email, clicked on my Google alert for insomnia, and found a poster with a wide-eyed cat, titled “Insomnia. Not good when sleeping is 90% of your day.” I mean, really, what are the odds?

Sleep Aids That Work? End Those Sleepless Nights Now!

When you find yourself tossing and turning all night you start to think about looking for sleep aids that work. Discover the reality here!

Natural Cures For Insomnia That Work

There are quite a few natural cures for insomnia that have proven successful for many people. While not a single one of the following suggestions is going to work perfectly for everyone suffering from sleep problems, there is likely something here that will at least spark your own ideas of how to achieve more restful sleep tonight.

Causes of Insomnia – What Are They?

What are the typical causes of insomnia? You may be very well in tune with the symptoms of a sleep problem that you or someone you love is suffering from, but have you ever really given deep thought to what the real cause might be? Whether you have or not, chances are you have placed a lot more blame on yourself than is really fair.

The Best Natural Sleep Aids – 3 of the Best Natural Sleep Aids Available Today

If you’re one of the many people who have trouble sleeping and don’t want to poison your body with those harmful sleeping pills, there are a number of natural sleep aids available that you could try instead. Read on to learn more about the best natural sleep aids that can have you sleeping like a baby once again in no time at all!

Sleeping Disorder Symptoms

There are many different sleeping disorder symptoms, which only makes sense considering there are so many different types of disorders being suffered from today. Whether you are a classic insomniac, have restless leg syndrome, or are suffering from a more severe case that involves sleepwalking and active nightmares, the following symptoms should help you determine whether you need help or not.

Types of Sleeping Disorders

There are close to a hundred recognized types of sleeping disorders right now. While many of them are quite rare and some only happen in select cases, most of them are quite prevalent with millions of people around the globe suffering from them on a daily basis. Just a few of the most commonly suffered disorders will be listed here to give an idea of what is happening.

Treating Sleep Problems – What All the Alphabet Soup Means

You go to the doctor to discuss your insomnia or snoring and the next thing you know the doctor is using a bunch of letter to describe the problem. You want to know what it means but your doctor is either short on time or you are too embarrassed to ask. Either way you need answers to what the tests are looking at.

Sleeping Disorder Treatments

What are the most effective sleeping disorder treatments available today? This is a common question that many people finally ask after they have suffered with irregular sleeping habits or the inability to fall and stay asleep for too many months or years. They want to know what will finally cure the problem, and it is very likely you need this information as well.

Sleeping Disorder – What Are the Facts?

It seems everyone has an opinion or two about how to deal with a sleeping disorder. You go to your doctor and are told one thing, then read reputable resources online and are told something else entirely. If you are starting to feel weary of trying one thing after the other and getting very little to no relief from your disorder, it’s time to start thinking about it more realistically.

Sleeping Disorder – The Importance of a Regular Sleep Pattern

When dealing with a sleeping disorder, controlling the environment in which you fall asleep and the way you fall asleep is extremely important. You may have already heard that going to bed at the same time every single night is key, but exactly how you do that and your overall sleeping environment are important as well.

Treatments For Insomnia – What Are the Options?

Most people with a serious sleep problem have tried everything short of quitting their job and lying in bed around the clock to get a good night of rest. If you find yourself dealing with a sleep problem that is beyond your own control, consider your options in terms of effective treatment for insomnia.

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