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Should You Take a Sleeping Disorder Test?

Is your lack of sleep starting to worry you? Take a sleeping disorder test today to get to the root of your sleeping problems and finally get a good nights sleep.

Eliminate Insomnia Forever Without Sleeping Pills

Stop your racing mind and get some sleep tonight. Use UN-Conventional methods to eliminate insomnia forever.

5 Reasons For Avoiding Sleep Deprivation

Before Thomas Edison introduced us to the lightbulb, Americans slept an average of 10 hours a night. Since that time the number of hours we Americans sleep has decreased dramatically. The average American today sleeps 61/2 hours a day. This creates stress which will then affect the way our blood sugar is processed (think weight gain), it affects our overall energy and will make us look older than we really are.

The Insomnia Factor – Getting Some Zzzz

The average person needs eight hours of sleep. Are you one of the many countless people that have trouble sleeping night after night? Do you feel tired, despite getting sufficient sleep which is eight hours per day?

A Safer, All Natural Sleep Aid

Insomnia is a part of life for many, and in turn, many have turned to dangerous prescription drugs in order to deal with it. Unfortunately, amnesia, depression, drug dependency, and even death have become all too common because of these drugs. Using an all natural sleep aid such as melatonin is a safer and healthier way to reset and regulate sleep cycles, and to treat insomnia.

Sleep Apnoea

Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, (OSA), occurs during sleep and is caused by temporary failure of muscles in the upper airway leading to obstruction as the airway temporarily collapses. This causes short periods during which the sufferer is no longer breathing but is only of serious concern if the bouts last in excess of 10 seconds and occur more than 10 times in any hour.

Stop Snoring Before Your Partner Smothers You in Your Sleep

Is your spouse complaining about your loud and disruptive snoring? Are you having a hard time finding a way to silence your problem? Put a stop to it before it’s too late!

Causes and Treatments For Sleep Apnea

Do you get out of bed every morning, not feeling refreshed in the least? While many people believe that they may be suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea is another disorder that can disrupt your rest. Sleep apnea occurs when your breathing is obstructed as you sleep, causing them to stop breathing up to hundreds of times throughout the night.

Snoring Vs Sleep Apnea

People who live alone may never realize that they snore. Yet almost half of the American adult population snores once in a while and one fourth snores most of the time.

What Does a Night Terror Feel Like?

It’s the middle of the night and I can sense someone walking towards the bedroom down the corridor. I open my eyes and see the ceiling, if I turn my eyes I can see the bedside table, the dressing table and curtains and the doorway. Someone is entering the room, a shadowy figure – I try to scream but no sound comes out. The figure keeps walking towards me, around the bed towards where I am lying in the bed, petrified.

The Five Best Natural Sleep Aides

Rose knows that if you have a difficult time getting to sleep and staying a sleep a natural sleep aide might provide you with the help you need. There are pros and cons when it comes to taking natural sleep aides. The pro: it is not habit forming like prescription sleeping pills or over-the-counter medications. The con: these herbs are not regulated by the FDA; therefore they have not been proven to cure any disease. Natural sleep aides have been used for generations and the five that are used for sleep disorders like insomnia are; California Poppy, Valerian, Hops, Catnip and the extracts of Passionflower.

4 Tips to Help You Stop Snoring Naturally Tonight

This article is all about how you can stop your snoring naturally and without the use of medications and drugs, so you are one of those people that think everything can be cures with a pill maybe this information is not for you. However if you want to know how you can stop snoring naturally then keep reading because we are going to explore 4 different methods you can use right away to stop snoring naturally.

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