Nature is thirsty

One could practically watch how the limp moss plants, flower seedlings and herbs rose up and refueled themselves.

After the long winter months, we humans enjoyed a period of good weather with lots of sunshine and unusually warm temperatures for may, but nature suffered. The combination of sun and wind has dried up the soil deep down, and without water nothing can grow.

We compensate for this in the home garden by distributing the water from our rain barrels to the beds and, if necessary, using tap water.

Farmers cannot do this in their fields: they are dependent on rain right now, so that the seeds can emerge and the young plants can develop vigorously. For the farmers, long dry spells are a disaster, especially now in the springtime. They all will have been happy about the rain.

But I would like to do a little bit more. 4.7 liters per square meter on tuesday evening and another liter on wednesday morning are already better than nothing, but in order for the deeper roots to get something as well, a longer heavy downpour would be justified. He can come at night when we sun-loving bipeds are asleep. Then all will be happy.

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