New meeting room, more offices?

The meeting of the city council in baunach focused on plans for the remodeling of the city hall. According to mayor tobias roppelt (CBB), a reorganization has been under discussion for a long time. The reasons: there are too few offices, the archives must be reorganized, a social room is to be built in and the meeting room relocated. The attic, which is over 50 years old, also needs to be renovated. Architect christoph gatz presented the ideas.

Meeting room on the top floor

With the help of a presentation gatz explained the reconstruction of the town hall. The meeting room is to be moved to the attic floor. A view window with a view of the old town hall is planned. Space for buror rooms and a tea kitchen will be created. The archives will also be located on the top floor, and a social room with access to the roof terrace is also planned. Offices could be created out of the current meeting room as well as a conference room. The hallway on the upper floor must be divided due to fire protection and a fire wall must be installed. An oriel is to secure the second escape route from the meeting room.

Helmut ortlauf of the dorsch planning office explained the implementation of the heating center on the basis of a design plan. Air ventilation and fire protection were also presented. Hubert hahn from hahn-muno engineering company presented the cost calculation. The total costs for the remodeling of the town hall amount to 1.5 million euros.

Subsequently, the questions and comments of the city council members were heard. It was suggested whether the observation window on the top floor was necessary or whether costs could be saved here. Furthermore, it was asked whether the installation of a fire alarm system would make sense. In addition, the question was raised whether a meeting room in the town hall was absolutely necessary – meetings could continue to be held in the town hall.

One thing is clear: the member municipalities of VG baunach must participate in a rent increase. There was also a general discussion about whether the renovation of the town hall should be carried out in its entirety in the current situation.

The most important changes are the relocation of the archives, the creation of a meeting room and a renewal of the ventilation systems.

Sensible allocation

The necessary measurements are to be divided sensibly together with the architect and thus the total costs are also to be reduced.

In order to obtain a legally secure fee calculation, the city council of baunach appointed a municipal consultant in june 2019. Schulte/roder commissioned to prepare a cost estimate.

Waste water will become more expensive

The results are now available. This means that the charge per cubic meter of wastewater must increase from 2.15 to 2.42 euros in order to continue to cover costs. If the cost structure remains unchanged, a further increase to 2.64 euros per cubic meter will be necessary in 2024. Water charges have also been recalculated. Here, the new charge rate is 2.07 euros per cubic meter (previously 1.30 euros). For an average four-person household, the current fee adjustments result in additional costs of around 16 euros per month.

Fees for the quarry pond

The new rate was enacted at the city council meeting on 27 june. July 2020 also a use and a fee statute for the municipal facilities at the quarry lake and a bathing regulation. There is a charge of 1 euro per person as well as vehicle fees for parking (large vehicle 3.50 euro, car 2.50 euro, motorcycle 1.50 euro).

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