New vehicle needed

New vehicle needed

The district water patrol forchheim needs a new emergency vehicle. The aging command vehicle is in urgent need of replacement, as repair and maintenance costs exceed its value and the vehicle is rusting tremendously. A new vehicle is needed, according to a press release, and the water rescue organization in the district of forchheim is dependent on donations.

The vehicle, which is at the disposal of the water rescue officer, is the first to be alerted in the event of an accident in or on the water. The incident commander drives to the scene of the incident with this vehicle, reconnoiters the situation, calls in further emergency services and directs the operation. In case of emergency, the officer-in-charge is an important person for the safety of bathers in the waters of the district of forchheim.

With all-wheel drive

This is exactly why the water rescue service believes it is so important to quickly find adequate replacements. A special vehicle has already been selected, with all-wheel drive, in order to be able to drive to the scene of the incident even on rough terrain and not lose any time until arriving at the scene of the incident. The new vehicle requires a high trailer load to safely maneuver the motor rescue boats in and out of the water. The latest radio technology is installed so that contact can be made with the control center and other emergency services while the vehicle is still on the road.

The vehicle, which is intended to increase safety on the waters in the district of forchheim, has a hefty price tag of 40,000 euros, which the district water rescue service forchheim, with the local groups neunkirchen am brand, ebermannstadt and forchheim, can only finance with the help of donations. For this reason, the water rescue organization has opened a special donation account and hopes for numerous supporters.

The water rescue service in the district has about 1000 members and offers a wide range of activities, from children and young people to instructors and rescue teams. Swimming instructors, boatmen, divers: all are active volunteers in their free time. Even the eight "water rescue operations managers, who, like all rescue teams, are ready for action 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and do so free of charge.

With around 60,000 active members in 526 local groups, the wasserwacht bavaria is the largest water rescue organization in the state – and the largest community of the bavarian red cross. Every year, 1100 swimming instructors teach more than 10,000 children and young people how to swim. If you want to be able to help in an emergency and can swim well enough, you can earn the german rescue swimming badge. In addition to swimming skills, the main focus here is on knowledge of first aid and rescue techniques.

In 2017, the water rescue service of bavaria had to provide assistance on and in the water more than 7000 times, 100 people were saved from certain death, according to the water rescue service.

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