North korea threatens “counteroffensive” if new sanctions are imposed

North Korea threatens 'counteroffensive' if new sanctions are imposed

After its globally condemned nuclear test, north korea has threatened to take countermeasures if new sanctions are imposed. Pyongyang’s aube ministry accused the u.S. Of pursuing a hostile policy and a "frantic sanctions campaign" to go with it.

Russian president vladimir putin, in a meeting with south korean president moon jae-in, warned against "cornering" north korea and called for dialogue with pyongyang. Sanctions had not solved the conflict.

"We will respond to the abhorrent sanctions and U.S. Pressure with our own kind of counteroffensive," a north korean aube ministry spokesman was quoted as saying by state media tuesday evening. What kind of measures would be taken remained unclear.

U.S. Accuses north korea’s leader kim jong un of trying to provoke a war and urges UN security council to impose "tough sanctions".

North korea said on sunday it had tested a hydrogen bomb intended for intercontinental ballistic missiles (icbms). It was the diplomatically isolated country’s sixth and so far crudest nuclear test since 2006. Its missile and nuclear programs are seen as a serious threat worldwide.

Sud korea and the U.S. Fear that north korea will soon conduct new missile tests after the nuclear test, two ICBM tests in july and the launch of a new intermediate-range missile last week.

U.S. Should not forget for a moment that north korea is a "fully developed nuclear power in possession of icbms as well as a nuclear and hydrogen bomb," spokesman in pjongjang said. He was responding to a question about new sanctions. Since U.S. President donald trump took office, north korea has "redoubled its efforts to strengthen state nuclear forces".

U.S. Critical of calls for dialogue with pjongjang. U.S. U.N. Ambassador nikki haley had announced a catalog of tougher measures against north korea, which the U.N. Security council is expected to vote on next monday. The U.S. Is particularly concerned with a suspension of oil shipments to north korea. Whether china and russia will go along with it is uncertain. Beijing fears collapse of neighboring country with incalculable consequences.

Putin also expressed skepticism at meeting with sudkorean president in vladivostok on wednesday. "I am concerned that cutting off oil supplies can harm the people in the hospitals and other ordinary citizens there," he said in response to moon’s request to support a new resolution in the world security council that would include a cutoff of oil supplies. Putin says russian oil exports to north korea amount to only 40,000 tons annually. China supplies the bulk of oil for north korea.

Putin, according to the tass agency, reiterated that he "will not recognize north korea’s nuclear status". Pyongyang poses threat to security in region. "Without political and diplomatic tools, it will be very difficult to move in this situation. To be more precise, I consider it impossible," putin said after the talks.

UN secretary-general antonio guterres appealed to all states in new york on tuesday that war on the korean peninsula must be prevented at all costs. The risk of nuclear conflict with north korea is currently the "most dangerous crisis" in the world.

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