November mood as sound

November mood as sound

"Song without words heibt the program of the lichtenfels district orchestra on 18. November at 4 p.M. In the basilica vierzehnheiligen.

The nearly 100 musicians from the music clubs and brass bands of the lichtenfels district will strike a reflective note in the concert. Pieces like "paradiso, "panis angelicus" or "evening moon selected district conductor christian stenglein to match the full sound of the woodwinds, brass and his percussion section to the acoustics of the basilica with its tremendous reverberation.

"It’s always a question of placing the music on these three pillars: the sound and the ability of the musicians, the location of the concert and the expectations of the audience", says christian stenglein. And the november mood on the second sunday after all saints’ day is accordingly also depicted in the program.

After several competitions in the past years, the orchestra is becoming more and more attractive for musicians as well. "It is great to see how many musicians of all ages participate and in what way our district conductor christian stenglein motivates them", observes horst sunkel, district chairman of the north bavarian music association.

"The musicians immerse themselves in emotions together and transform them into sound", stenglein describes the way to the music that can move and touch.

The sounding coins left over from this concert will be used for the youth work of the district association – like workshops, sheet music or instruments.

Tickets are available at the box office or in advance from the cur& tourism service of the city of bad staffelstein and in the tourist information of the city of lichtenfels.

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