One injured in attempted bank robbery in berlin

One injured in attempted bank robbery in berlin

It was only a few weeks ago that a messenger was robbed and deprived of a suitcase full of money in this very place. On tuesday morning around 9.30 o’clock now several tater try to get into the still closed bank branch in berlin-wilmersdorf.

Several shots are fired when they encounter a security guard in the courtyard, according to police this evening. The guard is injured. Before the perpetrators fled without any loot, they set fire to the vehicle they had driven into a window in order to gain access to the branch.

A witness later told the "berliner zeitung" (online) that there was a loud bang. The perpetrators initially fled to fub in the direction of the nearby highway 100, police say. "There they are said to have finally got into a dark vehicle and continued their flight unrecognized in the direction of the north."The search for them continues. Further details remain unclear in the evening: how many players were there?? Who shot, and how many times?

The police is trying to reconstruct the course of events after the crime. The crime scene is cordoned off over a wide area in the morning, and a maximum of around 150 emergency personnel are involved. In particular, the inner courtyard of the branch in detmolder strabe on bundesplatz, where everything took place, is shielded from prying eyes by officials. At first there is no way through for residents either.

Investigators check whether surveillance cameras recorded the crime. Forensic experts take a look at the abandoned car. The extent to which it – and thus possible traces of it – was destroyed by the flames was not known. However, police officers were able to extinguish the fire before the fire department arrived, according to the fire department’s description. Officials also hear testimony from witnesses. A drone takes pictures from the air. Experts are also interested in glass splinters, for example, which provide information about the direction in which glass was destroyed, explained police spokesman thilo cablitz on site.

With all the information together, try to get a picture of what happened. Cablitz compares the situation to a mosaic. The many different testimonies had to be compared with the evidence. In the first minutes after the attack, there is a lot of speculation at the crime scene. Thus, even a spokesman for the fire department speaks first of an operation because of a burning money truck. According to police, however, no money truck was on the scene.

The security guard who was shot is being treated at the hospital after receiving initial care at the scene, there is no danger to his life, according to the fire department hieb.

The bank’s spokeswoman, frauke van bevern, is relieved: "so far, we’ve only seen property damage," she says. Two employees, who were waiting for the opening of the branch at 10 a.M.The team, which was already on site at 00 a.M., is doing well under the circumstances. Psychological support is offered to them.

On 16. June a messenger was robbed who wanted to deliver money to the branch in detmolder strabe. Two unidentified men snatched a suitcase of money and escaped – half a million euros is said to have been stolen. The culprits threatened the messenger with a gun. One of the robbers sprayed irritant gas, according to the police there was a physical confrontation with the messenger. The duo succeeded in stealing the 56-year-old’s briefcase and gun. Then the robbers ran to a waiting getaway car, throwing away the messenger’s gun on the way.

Only last friday a robbery of a messenger at a bank branch in a department store at neukolln hermannplatz failed. The perpetrators sprayed irritant gas, 12 people were slightly injured. However, the money messenger was able to get himself and the money to safety, so the perpetrators fled without loot, according to police reports on sunday. 200 workers were involved, including an extensive search of the building.

A few hours after the new case, police spokesman cablitz says there is no sign of an accumulation of such incidents. He also referred to the different ways in which the perpetrators proceeded. But of course a connection will be established. "We are not naive."The police are currently investigating the extensively secured traces of friday’s crime.

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