Optimal virus protection costs money

This is the conclusion of the magazine "computer bild" (issue 2/12) after testing five paid-for and three free antivirus programs. The kaspersky internet suite 2012 (60 euros) was the test winner (grade 2.16), detecting all malware and scoring points for its low system load and ease of use. Second place went to the 45 euro G data internetsecurity 2012 (grade 2.58), but the testers criticized a noticeable slowdown of the pc.
With a detection rate of 91 percent of malware, AVG anti-virus 2012 free came in fifth as the best free program (score 3.28). Testers were positive that the AVG software slows down the computer only slightly. However, users have to live with their own advertising in the program.
One major difference between free and purchased programs is the update policy of the manufacturers. While free software only receives new information about malware (signatures) once a day, paid programs are in constant contact with the manufacturer’s servers and offer quasi real-time protection. In addition, the purchase programs often include extra functions such as child protection, spam filter or firewall.

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