Caustic, toxic, easily inflammable: dangerous goods transport thunders through france unsecured

Caustic, toxic, easily inflammable: dangerous goods transport thunders through france unsecured

Yesterday, the hazardous goods squad of the erlangen traffic police prohibited a hazardous goods transport from continuing its journey on the A3 due to considerable deficiencies.

Actually, the reason for the stop at nurnberg-nord was that the driver of a semitrailer was talking on his cell phone while driving. The vehicle belonging to a turkish company was on its way from dusseldorf to istanbul, as reported by the erlangen traffic police department.

Transporter loaded with dangerous goods

When the freight documents were checked, it was first established that the transporter was predominantly loaded with dangerous goods. However, auben lacked any prescribed marking on the vehicle. The load consisted of liquids and substances classified as corrosive, toxic, flammable and hazardous to the environment.

Consumers stock up on medicines

Consumers stock up on medicines

Many consumers in germany have stocked up on medicines out of concern about the coronavirus. In march, demand for over-the-counter medicines rose sharply, giving pharmaceutical companies an exceptional boost.

This was reported by several drug manufacturers in response to a dpa inquiry. The rush in pharmacies is pushing logistics in the sector to its limits in some cases and fuelling the debate about supply shortages of medicines.

"In the last few weeks, we have had to cope with order volumes across our entire portfolio, some of which have tripled," explained ratiopharm’s parent company teva in ulm, for example.

Volkach fools get the key for the town hall

Volkach fools get the key for the town hall

"From today on, as you know, the fools will rule with wit and cunning", turned narrenchef torsten muller on friday evening loudly to burgermeister peter kornell. Only for a short time volkach’s head of town spat coarse tone from the stair throne of the town hall.

With foolish violence the bikers of the carnival association obervolkach (KVO) stormed the town hall, seized the key to the office and took the head of the town into custody. Kornell has to wait until ash wednesday to continue his term of office until the municipal elections in mid march.


A lot of fuss about flowerbeds

For years, locals and visitors coming to fridritt from the direction of munnerstadt were buried by an uninviting house in the pilgrims’ street. The building has now been restored by a young couple, but for some irritation has caused the plant in front of the house, because in part is touched city land. After some confusion, burgermeister helmut blank (CSU) has put forward a compromise proposal to resolve the matter. "When I drive in upstairs now, I have a super view", praises the head of the town. And it should stay that way.
The somewhat curious case was raised by the mayor at the most recent meeting of the building and environment committee. The "small problem the fact that a roughly five- to six-square-meter corner in front of the house does not belong to the new homeowner, but to the city, is a problem. He did not want to have the corner rebuilt and so blank suggested leasing it to the owner of the house, who would also have to bear the possible risks caused by the curb.

"Everything agreed"

Daniel veit is the new owner of the house. He has renovated the old building for himself and his partner susanne mattusch. The newspaper article gave the impression that he had unintentionally planted the flowerbeds in front of the house on city property, he says. "But that’s wrong, it was all agreed with the city councilor jurgen eckert", stresses daniel veit. However, the mayor believes that this was a misunderstanding.
"It was all neglected", the new owner recalls. Among the many problems was the fact that the building was not connected to the sewer system. The house has no basement, the sewer could not be laid deep, he explains. This is the reason why he has raised the discounts in front of the house, why the boundary stones protrude about 20 centimeters. This is to prevent the connection from freezing, he explains. This protruding edge right next to the road is the main reason for the discussions. There are fears that there could be problems with the winter service. The police had no problems with the rabbits during an inspection, says daniel veit.
This is confirmed by lothar manger, responsible for traffic at the police department of bad kissingen. He does, however, make one caveat: no tall plants were allowed to be planted. But that had been assured to him. The homeowner’s next problem was that the flowers he had ordered had already arrived at the dealer’s and now had to be planted urgently.

Burgermeister mediates

Helmut blank has intervened as a mediator in the incipient disagreements between daniel veit and the neighbors. His compromise proposal included that the owner dismantle a surveillance camera that neighbors have disturbed. Daniel veit has already done that. In return, he should be able to lease the city-owned land for a symbolic fee. But he is to lower a part of the rabbet stones. "I believe this decision is beneficial for all involved", says the mayor. He finds the redesign of the house and also the area in front of it very nice.

The christuskirche in kronach experiences a star hour of organ artistry

the christuskirche in kronach experiences a star hour of organ artistry

Kronach – never before heard in germany and europe presented the second concert of the 10. International organ cycle in kronach. Naji hakim and his wife marie-bernadette dufourcet-hakim had traveled from paris with a european premiere among other things. The visitors experienced a concert full of splendor in every respect in the very well attended christus church.

Accompanied by the reussian chamber orchestra and conducted by deanery cantor marius popp, a musical event full of opulence was heard, the kind of music one would expect to hear more in large cities. The world’s most esteemed composer and organist naji hakim loved – as a german and european premiere – his concert nr. 5 while his wife played the famous organ concerto in g minor by francis poulenc (1899 – 1963).

Dufourcet-hakim delivered a driving interpretation of the concerto in seven interlocking movements as a grand soloist on the organ. In perfectly coordinated interplay with the orchestra and under the finely nuanced direction of dean cantor marius popp, she turned the piece into a delightful journey through the composer’s emotional world. Through virtuosity and rough design skills, she succeeded in convincingly combining the contrasts of the melodically rich composition.

Samsung apologizes for death and illness trap

Samsung apologizes for death and illness trap

After cancer cases and deaths among hundreds of workers at its chip and display factories, technology giant samsung has issued an official apology.

Company president kim ki nam expressed regret for not doing "enough to address potential health risks in the chip and lcd panel production lines," according to south korean tv stations. "We sincerely apologize to those who have suffered from illnesses, as well as to the families of those who have been affected."Samsung agreed to settlement of pain and suffering claims.

The market leader’s move on memory chips, smartphones and TV sets followed years of wrangling with representatives of the victims’ families. Both sides had agreed this month to follow the decisions of a mediation committee and settle the dispute. Among other things, samsung declared its willingness to make up to 116.000 euros (150 million won) in compensation for pain and suffering to former and current employees whose illness can be attributed to the handling of chemicals at work.

Dosb wants to help with hygiene concept

Dosb wants to help with hygiene concept

Bitter cancellations, drastic restrictions and restrictive spectator numbers:

The german olympic sports federation has presented a "framework hygiene concept" which is intended to benefit federations and clubs in the organization of sports competitions up to and including world championships in the corona crisis.

"With this nationwide hygiene framework concept, we want to help people help themselves," said DOSB president alfons hormann. "At the same time, we are promoting the broad acceptance of these tested standards to politicians and administrators." Especially since it is provided with the seal of approval "tuv-tested.

Nature is thirsty

One could practically watch how the limp moss plants, flower seedlings and herbs rose up and refueled themselves.

After the long winter months, we humans enjoyed a period of good weather with lots of sunshine and unusually warm temperatures for may, but nature suffered. The combination of sun and wind has dried up the soil deep down, and without water nothing can grow.

We compensate for this in the home garden by distributing the water from our rain barrels to the beds and, if necessary, using tap water.

One injured in attempted bank robbery in berlin

One injured in attempted bank robbery in berlin

It was only a few weeks ago that a messenger was robbed and deprived of a suitcase full of money in this very place. On tuesday morning around 9.30 o’clock now several tater try to get into the still closed bank branch in berlin-wilmersdorf.

Several shots are fired when they encounter a security guard in the courtyard, according to police this evening. The guard is injured. Before the perpetrators fled without any loot, they set fire to the vehicle they had driven into a window in order to gain access to the branch.

A witness later told the "berliner zeitung" (online) that there was a loud bang. The perpetrators initially fled to fub in the direction of the nearby highway 100, police say. "There they are said to have finally got into a dark vehicle and continued their flight unrecognized in the direction of the north."The search for them continues. Further details remain unclear in the evening: how many players were there?? Who shot, and how many times?

High performance on the spot at the roller bike race

High performance on the spot at the roller bike race

The popular roller bike race lasts a total of twelve hours and 20 minutes. And every year it attracts only the most ambitious cyclists from the region to oberleichtersbach. Because the competition is insanely sweaty.

A team must consist of at least four riders, including at least one woman. Up to three hours a single rider is therefore on the road on his racing bike. And yet, despite the highest physical exertion, does not move a single centimeter from the spot.

How many kilometers the athletes have in their legs, only the computer knows at first, but it can be read in the faces of the rhon pedal knights. Every year, the ambitious teams aim for the magic limit of a total of 500 kilometers ridden within twelve hours – only to fall just short of this ambitious goal in most cases. Last year the barenstarke team "power express 200" broke through from modlos the magic sound barrier and reached with a sensational final spurt 504 kilometers total driving performance.