Ferrari driver can also be different: vettel keeps calm

Ferrari driver can also be different: vettel keeps calm

He has not won in two months. In the formula 1 standings, he is behind his worst rival. But it seems that sebastian vettel is not going to mind.

On the contrary, he is relaxed. At least that’s how the ferrari driver seems this season. Even in the paddock at the canada grand prix in montreal, he’s laughing, chatting with the media, joking. The four-time world champion shows no sign of the excitability of past years. Verbal outbursts against colleagues or officials – absent this year.

Is this tactic because he does not want to show his rivals, such as the defending champion and world championship leader lewis hamilton, nervositat? Or does he not want to unnecessarily fuel the easily heated atmosphere in italy surrounding the scuderia?? Or has he really found his inner peace at the age of 30 – and possibly the way to the longed-for title with ferrari??

Soder optimistic: breakthrough on basic pension next week?

Soder optimistic: breakthrough on basic pension next week?

In return, he demanded that the SPD make concessions to strengthen the economy. "We need a rough performance package with which the rough coalition shows that it can still act roughly."Soder demanded tangible relief for the economy.

According to the CSU, business tax should be reduced from 32 to 25 percent, the newspaper reported. In addition, the reduction of the EEG surcharge is to be brought forward in order to make electricity more favorable. When the coalition committee meets in berlin on monday evening, the important questions about the basic pension should be clarified, writes the newspaper.

This thursday, the working group is still negotiating central details. Thus, the recently discussed income allowance of 1200 euros could in the future be between 800 and 900 euros, the newspaper said.

Last savings package? – athens before the completion of the aid program

LAST SAVINGS PACKAGE? - athens before the completion of the aid program

Before the conclusion of the third bailout program in august, greek finance minister euklid tsakalotos once again presented a comprehensive reform and savings program to the parliament in athens on friday evening.

The approval by the deputies this thursday is considered certain, but it is also necessary. On 21. June eurogroup to discuss possible measures to reduce greek debt mountain.

Pension cuts, increases in pension contributions and lowering of the tax-free allowance are expected to save a good five billion euros by 2022. The reform package also includes insurance for creditors: if greece defaults on one or more installments of its debt in the coming years, creditors will be able to independently sell assets of the greek state through the european stability mechanism (ESM) to collect the money.

A city council mandate is more than just a hobby

A city council mandate is more than just a hobby

Has the interest in personal involvement in local politics become stronger or weaker?? That’s what we wanted to know from members of the five parties represented in the staffelstein city council – and also from the afd, which will be running for the first time with a city council list.

When asked if it has been difficult to find 24 candidates for the list for the city council election, winfried ernst (freie wahler) answers: "i have not had any difficulties in acquiring people. We are a broad-based grouping. It’s important to us to include all localities, to have a broadly diversified field of candidates, and to get older and younger people on the list."

Competent candidates wanted

Winfried ernst admits that, compared to the last municipal election six years ago, it has become a bit more difficult to get those candidates whose cooperation and expertise would be welcome. "Those you want to have, usually already have a lot around their ears", he says, but that does not mean filling up the list with just anyone. A certain amount of persuasion is required if one has the ambition to find the right people and persuade them to run for office.

Aiming for group victory: hope home faces final step in belgrade

aiming for group victory: hope home faces final step in belgrade

TSG 1899 hoffenheim wants to leave its bundesliga worries behind in the european league. After seven winless games in the league, the aim is to secure first place in the group, at least internationally, ahead of time.

"First and foremost, it’s full steam ahead for group victory. That’s definitely on the agenda," said coach sebastian hoeneb ahead of today’s match at red star belgrade (18 thursday).55 a.M./DAZN). So far, the european record is flawless with 13:1 goals and twelve points, no other of the 47 participants has a better record so far.

The signs are good that the group victory will come on the penultimate matchday in the serbian metropolis. Just one point after the 2-0 first leg was enough to put belgrade safely behind them. "Of course, this could also help with regard to gent, when we are already determined as group winners. That’s another reason to take the game seriously tomorrow," said hoeneb.

Trebgaster sautrogrennen ends with surprise

It was not quite enough for the favorites. Last year's meeting at the 1. Open trebgaster sautrog-championship as "haberstumpf hopfenschlingel" (martin obst and detlef reichstein) the winning duo was not able to defend their title. This year as august and kuni (based on the names of the local brewery's schwarz- und weibbier) in ceremonial clothing at the start, the two were in the final hauchdunn the team "agro baden" (florian unglaub and jan kaffka) defeated.

Free ticket and gala performance

The two youngsters were lucky with a walk-through in the first round and with a gala performance in the semifinals they narrowly beat the bravely fighting mixed team of "hopfreunde (andreas kunz and ellen schmid) through.

"In the end, the fitness of the youth was the deciding factor", presenter max weib analyzed the exciting race, and the brave underdogs acknowledged this without envy.

Jorg schmidt asks for the lord’s help

Jorg schmidt asks for the lord's help

The verse from the book of the prophet jesaiah is especially significant for jorg schmidt today. About six years ago, he came across the bible passage in the context of a project position at the evangelisches bildungswerk in bayreuth.

"The project was intended to help people affected by the burnout syndrome", tells jorg schmidt. Above all nurses had been among those affected. Bible study also played a role in this project. Reading and talking about bible passages was intended to help the participants cope with their illness.

"This passage fit very well and spoke positively to the people concerned," says jorg schmidt, he 32-year-old. For him, therefore, it was also given a rough value of place. "The position is of great importance to me because I have seen that it helps other people." The smoldering wick and the bent stick are indications of the end, but god does not extinguish or destroy it. Especially the image of the glowing wick is for burnout patients of rough symbolic content. "But no matter how hopeless the situation, help always comes from god."

Pension issues in the foreground

Pension issues in the foreground

Former SPD candidate for chancellor martin schulz visited the awo senior center in knetzgau on tuesday. At the invitation of state parliament candidate rene van eckert, many seniors and foreign guests took part in a breakfast with an exchange of views.

Facility manager heike schollermann introduced the house with its 82 residents in five residential groups to the visitors, among them sabine dittmar, member of the bundestag, and bernhard rub, member of the district council. The seniors are therefore fully integrated into everyday life and can lead a very individual life. There is also the "neighborhood management" project, whose director annika kuhbandner is doing everything she can to ensure that the senior center and the village grow together. In this way, the residents of the home can maintain their old contacts or make new ones, at the regular events that take place at the senior center.

Martin schulz praised the forward-looking concept of the work welfare association. In a discussion round, he answered the questions of the seniors, which mainly concerned the topics of pensions and long-term care insurance. Also into the golden book of the municipality the politician signed itself. Mayor stefan paulus was proud to be able to bury schulz with his extraordinary european commitment and thanked him for valuing the work of the nursing professions.

Krumme fohre is connected to the gas network – dollnitz is closed off

Drivers in the dollnitz area will have to be prepared for a longer detour next week: due to the construction of a gas pipeline, the local thoroughfare is expected to be closed from the 25th of next week.November until 13. December will be completely closed. We asked stefan franz, construction manager of the company LUK (licht- und kraftwerke) helmbrechts, for more details.

What exactly is at stake? Dollnitz is already connected to the gas network, krumme fohre not yet. The company LUK has the order to also connect krumme fohre.

What has been done so far? In the first construction phase, the pipes for the gas pipeline were laid at the exit from krumme fohre in the direction of dollnitz. Since the work was carried out directly on the road, it had to be closed on one side. Traffic was regulated with traffic lights. These works are already finished.

Gabriel advises against travel to turkey

Gabriel advises against travel to turkey

Minister sigmar gabriel (SPD) has caused uncertainty with a critical statement on turkey tourism.

A spokeswoman for the foreign ministry stressed on friday that the ministry was not currently preparing a formal travel warning for turkey, despite gabriel’s public advice. However, the travel advice, which had only recently been tightened, was continuously updated. She stressed that gabriel had not used the word "warning" in his interview with the "bild" newspaper either. It is up to each citizen to decide whether or not to travel to turkey at the moment.

When asked whether he was currently recommending that burghers go on vacation to turkey, gabriel had replied: "you can’t do that with a clear conscience at the moment."At the same time, he stressed: "as a state, we can’t take the decision away from anyone."Some burghers, however, apparently understood gabriel’s rebuke as a travel warning. The ministry of foreign affairs reported that inquiries had increased since then. The background to gabriel’s concerns is the tense domestic political situation in turkey and the recent arrests of germans in the vacation destination.