Quartet causes uproar at kerwa

At last year’s church fair in hallstadt, three young people and their uncle caused quite a stir. The quartet had first "victory salvation!" Shouted, then violently insulted other festival visitors. Lastly, there was a clash with the security who had received the four with the hitlergrub. Now the whole thing became at the district court of bamberg a case for juvenile judge fahr.

It all started at the site itself. There, the siblings and their uncle got into a fight with another group after singing the first verse of the deutschland song. "They talked about how too many foreigners were coming into the country and taking jobs away from others", such a witness. Among them are also foreign-looking people. They are hurled some crude insults at each other.

She didn’t think about it, she just said it," the girl explains. Meanwhile, the uncle raised his arm to the hitlergrub, grolt "sieg heil!" Behind. Then one of the brothers shouts: "you had to be gassed"." Why this incitement of the people is not found in the end in the verdict, remains puzzling. Also because the negotiation is taking place at this moment in camera. For the protection of the juvenile defendants at the time of the crime.

Provocations continue outside the fortress. The brothers and sisters take turns singing "sieg heil"-calls heard throughout the surrounding area. They didn’t think about it, but simply said so. When the people from the security come, it continues with the insults cheerfully. "They said that we are friends of the left and foreigners", according to one of the employees. Rude expressions fall again. But also a hearty "nazis", causing confusion on the bench. Even more head-scratching are the threats of one of the brothers that he will "knock out" the security men and "cold". After all, the running barrier with about 140 kilograms of live weight and he is, according to his own statement, only a "leek". Nevertheless, he claims to have drunk ten seidla beers.

The siblings admit to some of the charges in court. However, none of the three wants to be a neo-nazi. After all, they also have many foreign friends. And it’s only the alcohol that’s to blame. The brothers had about 1.5 per mille of alcohol in their blood, the sister, of course, was almost nuchtern. In addition, they look for the blame with the other group, from which the sister "blod angemacht" had been. Uncle says he can’t remember a thing. But he does not deny the accusations outright either.

What is striking for prosecutor alexander baum is that the three teenagers want to keep their uncle out of the matter. They say he was expelled early on after shouting nazi slogans and raising his right arm and shouted "sieg heil"-choir nothing to do. In the courtroom, his defense attorney presents a letter from the bavarian state office for the protection of the constitution, with which the uncle proves that he has registered for the dropout program. "In the suff my client talks stupid and gets into the right corner. He has no problems with foreigners at all. There is something in him", so attorney barthelmes.

The verdict

Because of numerous insults and the use of signs of unconstitutional organizations (hitlergrub and sieg-heil calls), juvenile court judge fahr sentences the siblings to pay fines in the amount of their respective monthly salaries and, for educational reasons, instructs them to work on coming to terms with their actions in the verein fur jugendhilfe bamberg (association for youth support in bamberg). The trial against the uncle will be continued elsewhere. This is what his lawyer christian barthelmes has requested. The uncle is also to be examined by a psychiatric expert to determine whether he was at all culpable due to alcohol intoxication. Finally, the 42-year-old man not only faces a fine for irritating passing motorists with the hitlergrub at the market barn in hallstadt in may 2020. He must also reckon with the fact that he will have to serve a suspended prison sentence after all. It would not be his first. And because of a similar incident at the skater place in hallstadt probably not the last one.

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