Redevelopment is expensive for rudenhausen

redevelopment is expensive for rudenhausen

The councillors in rudenhausen are not entirely happy with what thomas gluckert from tiefbauburo gluckert presented to them: the renovation of the municipal rainwater overflow basin is to cost 205,000 euros, not including ancillary construction costs. And one could not really see the necessity either.
However, on the basis of photos, the civil engineer showed that the condition of the pool leaves a lot to be desired, cracks are appearing everywhere in the side slope, the concrete is flaking off in places, the preservation is partly visible and grass is already growing in the cracks. "The most important criterion is "tightness", emphasized gurgling.

Violation of sewage law
Also the well, which provides for a permanent lowering of the groundwater level under the basin and through which the groundwater runs back into the stream when the level of the schirnbach rises, is not in accordance with the standards. "Here the dirty water can mix with the groundwater, something like that must not be", declared gluckert. This in turn makes the installation of a non-return valve necessary.
"Does one not push there sometimes with cannons on sparrows?", interjected karl heinz rebitzer. The expert warned that the municipality would be liable to prosecution if it violated this sewage law.
The planning office had thought through a total of seven variants. The most suitable and cost-efficient variant was selected, in which a 15-centimeter-thick floor slab with plenty of structural steel is to seal the floor. The cracks in the concrete have been grouted, the sidewalls have been replaced by a
ECC-mortel sealed with a thickness of three to five millimeters. "This way, we only lose about 80 cubic meters of volume."
During a heavy rain, the first highly concentrated spoolstob, which rubs along the buildup deposited in the channels after a dry period, and the rainwater mix together. This mixed water is dammed up in the rainwater overflow basin and only gradually passed on to the clarification plant in the schwarzach basin.

Important for the association
Of course, the basin with the current volume is oversized for the waste water of the village, but as a retention basin for the special purpose association it is absolutely necessary.
"We're renovating at our own expense for the special-purpose association", erich ackermann was one of several council members to voice his displeasure. "I am in zugzwang, since 2002 the basin is already moniert by the water management office", explained mayor gerhard ackermann. And he ended the discussion of the board with the words. "We have been through all this ten times already. The whole thing has long been decided and already planned in the budget."
The work on the rainwater retention basin has already been coordinated with the relevant authorities, and the invitations to tender can follow soon, according to thomas gluckert from the planning office.

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