“Reichsburger” resists arrest and injures police officer

A so-called reichsburger violently resisted arrest in the wartburg district and slightly injured two police officers. The 53-year-old refused to leave his house in mihla in thuringia. He was ordered to pay a fine of 500 euros for an insult, or face 20 days in jail, according to police on monday.

When officers tried to get into the house on sunday, the man jumped out of a window on the second floor and fled into the garage. There he sat down in a car and locked it from the inside.

Police officers suffered cuts and bruises

"As in the apartment building, the man could not be helped with patient communication", it says in the police report. When the man started with the car, the officers broke several windows and sprayed with pepper spray. He was taken out of the car and handcuffed, but continued to attack the police officers. They suffered cuts and bruises, but were still fit for service.

"Reichsburg" assume that the german reich will continue to exist and therefore do not recognize the federal republic with its constitution, authorities and courts.

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