Rough majority against repairs for poland and greece

Rough majority against repairs for poland and greece

According to a survey conducted by the opinion research institute yougov on behalf of the german press agency, 68 percent of citizens support the position of the federal government that the issue is politically and legally closed. Only 7 percent are in favor of negotiations with the two countries. 11 percent think an international court should decide on new compensation payments.

This sunday marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the second world war with the invasion of poland. Mal. German president frank-walter steinmeier to attend commemorations in poland. Greece formally requested the federal government to negotiate further compensation payments for war damages in june.

According to a greek parliamentary report, up to 289 billion euros are at stake. Poland is also demanding repairs. A parliamentary commission will shortly present an investigation into the war damage.

For the federal government, the issue is legally and politically closed with the two-plus-four treaty on the aubstantial consequences of german unification of 1990. The treaty between the federal republic of germany, the GDR and the four former occupying powers, the USA, the soviet union, france and great britain, does not explicitly mention repairs. In addition, numerous states attacked and occupied by nazi germany, such as greece and poland, were not involved in the negotiations.

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