Soder optimistic: breakthrough on basic pension next week?

Soder optimistic: breakthrough on basic pension next week?

In return, he demanded that the SPD make concessions to strengthen the economy. "We need a rough performance package with which the rough coalition shows that it can still act roughly."Soder demanded tangible relief for the economy.

According to the CSU, business tax should be reduced from 32 to 25 percent, the newspaper reported. In addition, the reduction of the EEG surcharge is to be brought forward in order to make electricity more favorable. When the coalition committee meets in berlin on monday evening, the important questions about the basic pension should be clarified, writes the newspaper.

This thursday, the working group is still negotiating central details. Thus, the recently discussed income allowance of 1200 euros could in the future be between 800 and 900 euros, the newspaper said.

Total cost of basic pension to remain below two billion euros. According to information from the german press agency, the union is insisting on this.

The main point of contention: the SPD demanded a basic pension without a means test, while the union insisted on the coalition agreement, which provides for such a test.

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