Soldierpower wins in front of marchenwelt

soldierpower wins in front of marchenwelt

"We started today to win", also say jennifer pfrang and yvonne breitenbach from the show dance group of the faschingsfreunde schwarzelbach. "We are fit and well trained." Their trainer christof krawinkel added that this was a good opportunity to present oneself countywide and to live out one's own love of dancing. Since september, they have been fine-tuning their dance, just like many others. They brought their fan club with them. After a 3. And a 4. Place in the previous years they wanted to win now.

Nervous fans

The fans are a little nervous just before the dance. "We are already pretty excited", says jurgen pfrang. "Viva espana is the motto of the schwarzelbacher. The dance goes down well with the audience, the spectators applaud enthusiastically. Strong the choreography and difficult the many, perfect dance steps.
After the dance, the girls are relieved: "everything went well, and we are satisfied with our performance" they say. Immediately after the next dance of the "thornroschen from poppenlauer, however, it is clear that a victory against this team will be difficult to achieve. Unfortunately it did not work out with the victory again. The performance was deservedly good enough for the bronze place, behind the team from poppenlauer, which for many spectators was also the best candidate for the overall victory. The victory was won by the girls and boys of DJK altbessingen. Their soldier power was unbeatable this evening.

Twelve dance groups entered

Twelve dance groups from the districts of bad kissingen and main-spessart were registered for the competition, but two had to cancel at short notice due to illness. The breaks were a bit longer than usual, because the team wanted to stay on schedule. The jury, consisting of one representative from each of the starting groups, was introduced to the audience in a good mood. The three aschicher tenors and the minis got in the mood for the competition. Costumes, harmony of music and theme, choreography, execution of the dance and overall appearance were evaluated. The entrance and dance of the groups were included in the evaluation. Moderator benjamin theile only announced the motto of each dancing group to facilitate impartiality among the judges.

Excellent performance

The wealth of ideas among the groups was also broadly varied this year. From pirates from schwebenried to a funny yellow chicken pile from aura to the theme "burlesque from ramsthal and gossenheim, girls in love from hassenbach and bavarian dirndls from hammelburg there were sporty "million dollar babies" from oberthulba and great "dornroschen neu verfont" from poppenlauer. All were great to watch and showed a lot of practice and joy in dancing – and good trainers, who really did a great job.

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