Stupid, mr. Scheuer!!!

Stupid, Mr. Scheuer!!!

That is again a mad idea. Our minister of transport actually wants owners of diesel vehicles to pay for a retrofit. With conversion costs of up to 3000 euros, the car manufacturers are to take over 80 percent, and the customer is to contribute up to 600 euros himself.The lobby of the cheats from BMW, daimler and volkswagen was spared, the cheated were asked to pay for it. With all love: that would be like punishing not only the thief but also the robbed person in a court of law.

Absolutely crazy

I think the proposal is absolutely crazy, mr. Scheuer. Like their idea of only converting diesel vehicles for which the retrofitting of nitrogen oxide filters "makes technical sense" is. Have you ever heard of the polluter pays principle?? And with all the efforts to spare the car industry, have you ever thought of those who – unlike them – scrape together every euro they can to be mobile?? What is your brainstorm? Once again proof of how unworldly politics has become.

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