Syrian opposition: 1300 dead in bombardment east of damascus

Syrian opposition: 1300 dead in bombardment east of damascus

The syrian opposition and the arab league appealed to the UN chemical weapons experts currently in damascus to see the situation for themselves on the ground. France, great britain and turkey are also lobbying the united nations for an investigation into the possible poison gas attack.

French president francois hollande wants to ask the un to investigate the site of the attack, government spokeswoman najat vallaud-belkacem said in paris after a cabinet meeting.

Great britain’s prime minister william hague spoke of a "shocking escalation. If the reports are confirmed, the perpetrators will be held accountable "in every way we can", hague said in london. He called on the leadership in damascus to give the UN inspectors immediate access to the site.

According to the anadolu news agency, the turkish ministry of agriculture also stated that the team that had traveled to damascus was to clarify the facts of the case. If the use of poison gas is confirmed, the international community must react to this crime against humanity.

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