Teresa inspires new enthusiasm for the faith

Teresa inspires new enthusiasm for the faith

Known to the media as "the skateboarding nun, sister teresa knew how to let her audience experience new refreshment for the faith with vividly recited bible passages. But also a fashion show with the latest spring trends with "models" from the executive board of the bavarian farmers association and the local farmers from the different local associations as well as the musical framing by the countrywomen choir under the direction of inge snater provided for a special feast for the eyes and ears.

Special "talk show

Under the motto: "nothing happens in the city, everything happens in the country", district farmer astrid baum was pleased to be able to bury representatives from politics, church and society at this year's countrywomen's day in knetzgau. Last year, the event was successfully established for the first time, and this year, too, the keynote speeches were presented in a relaxed manner. District farmer astrid baum and baron baron christian von truchseb presented the motto "strengthened from within – open to new ideas", to the center of your "talk show. For the protestant dean jurgen blechschmitt, there was both a question mark and an exclamation mark behind the question of inner strength for the faith. He spoke of church traditions on whose help both churches were dependent. So he addressed the many mothers and grandmothers in the hall, how important it is for children to have role models in living faith. "We have tackled the matter with elan", rudolf handwerker on the subject of energy development in the district. Handwerker referred to previous federal tasks that had grown into municipal tasks. Through the merger of the municipalities in the GUT, the district took its energy turnaround into its own hands. The concentration is in several rough energy parks to preserve the protection of nature.

A very special trend

"Not too much of a jolt klaudia schwarz, head of the office for food, agriculture and forestry in schweinfurt, expects "how does germany eat??". As an oecotrophologist, she spoke of the variety of foods for which people have less and less time to cook. "The trend is moving more and more toward "auber-haus" catering, said the nutrition expert. She said that a number of projects had already been successfully launched in the office to make a contribution to "sustainable nutrition" to convey. Helmut liebenstein of agrar-gmbh looked positively to the future. Despite shortages due to weather conditions in the past grain year, he did not see any problems for the producers in the district.

Biomass as an important source of energy

Farmers' association chairman klaus merkel addressed the issue of land levelling measures. "The demand for energy is increasing and biomass is becoming an important source of energy for the future", emphasized merkel. As head of the savings bank, hans-georg schubert spoke of a close connection to agriculture as a service business. Mayor stefan paulus is keeping up with the times in order to be modern and spoke of his experience during his parental leave, which he was able to incorporate into his everyday working life. He not only takes care of his little son in a limited way during the two months of his stay.

A powerful speaker

Also as a "german answer from sister act" multitalented sister teresa is called: for her great passion is music. To lean back and let the magic of faith take hold was not difficult. Media-savvy, the nun, who captivated audiences as a crowd puller, told of the quiz show with jorg pilawa, where she won 100,000 euros. A talented athlete (gymnastics and track and field), the 47-year-old nun comes from croatia. "I discovered the bible during a sleepless night," says the sister, sister teresa told of the beginning of the adventure of "believing" in her life. After giving up sports, she trained as a nurse for the elderly and as a religious pedagogue. She became famous overnight with her skateboard, but "I can't see the bare board anymore," she said, she honestly admitted. Open and honest, the sister, who has been living for a year in a small committee near bamberg, was able to infect the listeners with the magic of the faith. Anecdotes from her books, which she then sold and signed, brought laughter to the hall. For a fulfilled inner life she presented five important steps: friendship with oneself, valuing and practicing the bible, praising god, doing unusual things against habit and – very important – forgiveness.

"God loves you"

"God loves you, with this sentence, which can change lives, the sister addressed the listeners who were glued to her lips. The catholic woman of god had creative solutions for stressful situations as well as forgiveness for inner healing. Sister teresa spontaneously went into the audience and hugged a visitor. "Everyone is hungry for attention, said the sister, who asked all the visitors to hug each other and print. The woman of god had sent a small homework assignment on the way home: "print someone at home and smile at a complete stranger".

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