The editor reaches for the hammer

Michael memmel it runs the theme week equality in the FT. And not egalitarianism or even egalitarianism. In the newspaper, of course, every letter counts. And if another article is printed in the wrong place, even though it was read by several colleagues the night before, it is guaranteed to catch the eye of those responsible first thing the next morning and spoil our breakfast.

This week, the ambo, which was blessed in the chapel of laubend by auxiliary bishop herwig gossl, was given one s too many (tuesday edition, page 18). A double bloody mistake, because for the orthographically obvious anvil it was again one s too few. And in this case, it was not about the base on which glowing metal lands, which the blacksmith transforms with the help of other tools. But rather around the support called ambo (ancient greek for "raised edge"), on which biblical scriptures lie, which are recited by a lector. In this case, not only the eyes of the human proofreader have failed, but also the computer colleague, who is also a "people’s age" (instead of folk altar) waved through.

At this point, we would like to apologize to you, dear readers, for these errors. And because the year is still young, there is still room for a good resolution: to pay even closer attention to every comma and every word in 2019! It cannot be ruled out that something will slip through the cracks. While the coffee comes up again in the morning, we invite you to try the motto of our theme week in february: humor. Can you already see the editor standing at the lectern, hammering away frantically at a book??

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