The speeders in sight

the speeders in sight

An 18-year-old had drunk four wheat beers when he got into a car on st. John’s eve, 22. June 2018 gets behind the wheel again after 11 p.M.: he wants to get food for himself and his friends at a fast-food restaurant in hirschaid. "I thought: it’s only five minutes, it’ll be fine", says the driver who started driving later. But the decision has fatal consequences: while the 18-year-old is driving much too fast and drunk, he can no longer brake in time when several young people come towards him.

A 14-year-old lost his life in this accident. According to an expert, the driver had been able to avoid the collision if he had been driving at an appropriate speed – the teenager might still be alive today.

According to the police, the number of injuries caused by accidents due to inappropriate speed has risen dramatically in the districts of bamberg and forchheim in the past year. The police now want to counteract this by stepping up controls in this area.

Positive reinforcement

Traffic psychologist harald meyer from bischberg knows the reasons why people drive significantly too fast: pressure from hoods, stress and time pressure. According to the professor, around 90 percent of all speeders feel a so-called positive reinforcement. This means that if speeders are not caught speeding, their driving style is perceived positively. The reinforcement strengthens this behavior while driving, it repeats itself. In order to take preventive action against speeders, the police in the districts of bamberg and forchheim are carrying out checks up to and including may 18. May increases the number of motorists.

The traffic psychologist criticizes the fact that speeders often don’t have a guilty conscience – because they are caught too seldom. The dark figure is still too high despite controls.

Young people, in particular, lack comprehensive risk awareness. This eventually leads to excessive speed on the roads. This is how dangerous traffic situations often arise. The consequence of professional overload can be drunk driving, says meyer. Family problems can also be cited as a cause of drunk driving.

Intensified police checks

Already since 3. May, motorists in both counties must expect increased police checks. The reason: among other things, about 25 percent more traffic accidents involving drunk drivers in 2018 than in the previous year. In 63 drunk-driving accidents in the district, 36 people suffered injuries, some of them serious. Other accident perpetrators were often driving too fast. In order to take preventive action against these causes of accidents, the bamberg-land police and the forchheim police, in cooperation with the bavarian riot police, among others, are carrying out more stringent checks on drivers on the roads. In the district of bamberg, the former accident black spot wurgauer berg was once again the focus of attention. Here and in the entire bamberg district as well as in the district of forchheim, the police will continue to carry out checks up to and including the age of 18. May driving behavior and road users.

Interim report

"So far, no serious violations have been detected in the district of bamberg", alexander krapp, spokesman for the bamberg-land police, takes stock of the situation. There have been a few warnings, but the laser checks have been largely uneventful.

Only through the cross-county project with additional personnel is a stronger control in the city of forchheim possible, explains bianca zapf, spokeswoman of the police forchheim. In bamberg, "alcohol and drug violations are a constant focus of the police", explains christian heyd, spokesman for the bamberg city police department.

That’s why the police always check for alcohol, drug and speeding violations as part of their patrols in bamberg’s city limits. However, there are currently no increased controls in the city. The situation is different in forchheim: here, it’s not just in the district that motorists have to be wary of increased checks – police presence is also heightened in the city.

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