Thorsten glauber wants to return to the state parliament

He has already run up it. The way up to the honor castle. "That's when I trained for my first france-switzerland marathon", tells thorsten glauber (free choice).

Today glauber is not here for endurance training. Today, the 42-year-old member of the state parliament from pinzberg wants to climb the rodenstein at a more leisurely pace to experience the view of french switzerland from his home mountain. In the pack he has only a small bread time. But it's not just the backpack that weighs on your shoulders. The candidate also has to carry the uncertain outcome of the election with him up the mountain.

Glauber comes to schlaifhausen with his campaign bus. The candidate wears sunglasses and sports shoes. The delegate does without suitcase carrier and scherpas. He wants to make it on his own. Climbing the summit again, moving into the maximilianeum. By his own strength. As with the triumphant entry of the free voters into the state parliament five years ago. "I was only in munich in the early days to get to know the store", glauber recalls his first days as a deputy as he climbs the ladder.

To go his own way
"We started from scratch. We even cleared out the offices of the deputies who were voted out of office." Glauber was on his own. Wanted to show everyone at home alone. Leave your own fubspuren. Don't wander along well-trodden paths, but blaze your own trail. He has been scrupulous about appearing on his own. Even at home in the environment of his father, district administrator reinhardt glauber. "When my father joined the fire department, I joined the sports club. If my father is a member of the sports club, I am a member of the gardening club."

In munich, too, he wanted to stand on his own two feet. Don't put on someone else's shoes. "I have always voted authentically in munich", says glauber on the way to the summit cross. You can't say "hu" in munich and "hott" in your home country," glauber thinks, and points his finger at pinzberg. "With the biogas plant and the large photovoltaic plant, we are energy self-sufficient in pinzberg." Not everyone in the village liked it. But glauber didn't want to be in favor of the energy turnaround in the big picture and prevent investments in a nuclear-free energy future in the small one.

Criticism of hypocritical colleagues
Finally, glauber wants to be credible. Not because the belief is already reflected in his name. The glaubers have never been particularly easygoing or credulous. The glaubers have simply picked up a lot. "Believer" these believers are more or less. Glauber is also a vote-catcher from the opposition. Will credibly represent the citizens in munich. Let the burgers have their say in the big and small picture. Do not make politics par ordre du mufti. Glauber criticizes the voting behavior of some of his colleagues from the governing parties in the state parliament. The same people who raised their hands in munich for the energy turnaround don't want to know anything about their decisions in the state parliament and hypocritically ask: who ordered the wind turbines??

That's not how glauber envisions politics. "First the region, then the party." That is his credo. Glauber drives with regional drive. It is a "completely wrong policy", always wanting to know better than the people. You have to let the people have a say in big decisions like the energy transition. Not from above. The "lederhosen" mentality the "mia-san-mir he doesn't like it. "Just because we franconians are modest, doesn't mean we're stupid. The upper bavarian thinks he's eaten the wisdom with the spoons. I can't have that", glauber argues and wipes aside a few swiss beads that the sun and exertion have put on his forehead with a smile.

He unpacks the bread
Glauber wants to remain a child of the region. Doesn't want people to think he's better than the people. Glauber unpacks the bread. Make yourself comfortable under the summit cross and enjoy the smoked sausage. He has even thought of mustard.

"The crazy thing about munich is that no munichers live in munich", tells glauber. The bussi-bussi society is not his world. He prefers to talk about pinzberg, where he lives with his girlfriend, his parents and his grandparents.

The family has rarely seen thorsten glauber for long in recent years. Often he only stopped by briefly to change his suit. Given the workload, it was impossible to think of taking any major personal leaps.

Staying in the last few meters
Now in the election campaign, private moments at home have become even rarer. Glauber has committed himself to an oxen tour. He personally visits every community in the district. Everywhere glauber beams jovially and confidently from the edge of the road. Glauber fights practically around the clock for renewed entry into parliament.
Whether he can repeat the jump to munich is still not decided. "Something crazy could happen", says glauber on the way down. "I could get the best free-voter result with 30 percent. And I still get kicked out of the state parliament." Everything depends on the performance of the party as a whole. Glauber expects around eight percent for the free voters in bavaria. That could be too little for glauber in the end.

Glauber doesn't want to know about it yet. From the marathon woman glauber that the last meters are the hardest. But he does not want it any other way. Will sweat and not entrench themselves behind the desk. Credibility wants to win back believers for politics this way. Even if it has nothing to do with his name. He says, puts on his sunglasses and speeds off in his electoral mobile toward the day of decision.

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