Trebgaster sautrogrennen ends with surprise

It was not quite enough for the favorites. Last year's meeting at the 1. Open trebgaster sautrog-championship as "haberstumpf hopfenschlingel" (martin obst and detlef reichstein) the winning duo was not able to defend their title. This year as august and kuni (based on the names of the local brewery's schwarz- und weibbier) in ceremonial clothing at the start, the two were in the final hauchdunn the team "agro baden" (florian unglaub and jan kaffka) defeated.

Free ticket and gala performance

The two youngsters were lucky with a walk-through in the first round and with a gala performance in the semifinals they narrowly beat the bravely fighting mixed team of "hopfreunde (andreas kunz and ellen schmid) through.

"In the end, the fitness of the youth was the deciding factor", presenter max weib analyzed the exciting race, and the brave underdogs acknowledged this without envy.

Despite doping, the strength was not enough

On the way to the finals, "august and kuni" won only against "SPD red sock (helmut loffler and fredi grampp) and then against the team "the will was there" (martin sesselmann and thomas bauske). Even then, they complained that – despite the wet surroundings – it was soggy in the trough: "A weng weng august, und a weng weng kuni auf der strecke." Should heiben: there was nothing to drink on the way.

They fetched it with a "zwick'l" before the final, they still had to make up for lost time. But despite this doping was not quite enough power in the end.

Good performance

The intermittent wind created a good current, making it difficult for some teams to get on board. Thus "the lapperten" put (michael werner and philip weber) get off to a bad start in the very first race. Immediately after the start, her trough tilted and floated keel up in the lake. The "rondo promillos" had a similar fate (ingo moos and michael opel), who already gave away their chance to reach the next round.

The many spectators cheered the teams loudly. A few times, even a "la ola" spilled out from one lakeside to the other.

Fireworks at the end

After the award ceremony the group "frankenbauer" entertained the visitors the numerous visitors up to the fireworks, which formed the conclusion of the lake festival at nightfall. Wolfgang doberlein and hans moos, who acted as co-organizers together with the municipality, had wished for somewhat more pleasant temperatures, especially in the evenings, but were nevertheless satisfied in the end.



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