Volkach fools get the key for the town hall

Volkach fools get the key for the town hall

"From today on, as you know, the fools will rule with wit and cunning", turned narrenchef torsten muller on friday evening loudly to burgermeister peter kornell. Only for a short time volkach’s head of town spat coarse tone from the stair throne of the town hall.

With foolish violence the bikers of the carnival association obervolkach (KVO) stormed the town hall, seized the key to the office and took the head of the town into custody. Kornell has to wait until ash wednesday to continue his term of office until the municipal elections in mid march.


A convivial atmosphere awaited the 270 or so carnivalists who had come from all over franconia to the winter village of the volkacher winterzaubers. Armed with torches, the carnival troop marched into the old town without encountering any resistance. The town councillors bowed meekly to the insurgents, who had only one goal: to take over the municipal power in the town hall. Kornell’s initial fighting resistance ("what you say is all kinds, I think you are missing the mind") made KVO meeting president muller and the club president of the jester troupe manfred krapp even more angry. "I thought you’d be bitching again today", called obersturmfuhrer muller gen burgermeister.

Why kornell is not running again is clear to the fools

Why kornell will not run again in the next mayoral elections was as clear to muller, the captain of the carnival, as it was to klobbruhe, with the many upcoming problem projects in the wine town: "these numbers are too rough for him, out of fear he’s getting into the hos’." He unequivocally demanded the peaceful surrender of the town hall’s exclamation point in order to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.

Because the fools found the non-appearance of the AFD and left-wing parties in the upcoming municipal elections to be pleasing, the head of the city relented. With such kind words he likes to open the city hall doors, said kornell and regretted the current financial situation: "the city treasury is empty, that is known, like all the treasuries in our country." With a broad chest, the jester’s force took over the town hall’s exclamation point to the applause of about 500 winter magic visitors.

It remains open whether the town hall will be open or closed for the next few weeks, as the women and men of the KVO have plenty of work to do in their home town. Finally, until the end of the fifth season, three carnival meetings and some guest appearances must be brought over the stage. And whether the city employees will do their job properly as usual under the supervision of the jester is also questionable.

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