Wonderful sound experiences

Wonderful sound experiences

Sarah stieranka

rainer herr sits at the organ in the collegiate church at banz monastery. His left hand is up, his right hand is down. As if by magic, his hands move, music sounds in the church, the music book is still closed. This automatism is understandable, because since his childhood he has been deeply connected with music and this organ in the banzer stiftskirche is very familiar to him.
For 30 years, about eight organ matinees have been played there each year – rainer herr played the first one in 1988. "Pastor old was the initiator of the organ matinees and he won me over for it", he remembers. At first, the then german, geography, and history teacher played the 30-minute concerts alone – after a short time, jitka maisel and axel stumpf joined in.

Original idea of the organ matinees

"The idea at the beginning was that young organists could play concerts. But I needed someone to plan and organize everything", says pastor hans-werner alt. This person was rainer herr, who knew many organists at that time. On the gallery at the seuffert-woehl-organ they played alternately their organ music – pieces by johann sebastian bach, by the french composer hans sternberg or also by father johann valentin rathgeber, who lived until his death at the monastery of banz.

Music as a constant companion

For rainer herr everything began on a staircase in front of his parents' house. "I played there at first harmonica and then ornamental harmonica." Years followed at the music high school in coburg. During his studies he took the optional subject "organ". Although he never lost sight of his desire to become a teacher, music always remained a part of his life. "I left the fear of playing in front of others behind me when I was 16," he recalls, says mr. At that time he played the organ on a gallery above the altar and sabered with his back to the congregation. "It was an unpleasant feeling, but then I thought to myself: the visitors can't play that much better either."
He loves this moment behind him and since then he can look back on many beautiful experiences at the organ matinees, which were well planned and prepared. "The preparation is complex. I do the preparatory work on the piano, but I also play everything on the organ." But he also remembers the presentations of his colleagues. "Alessio corti, titular organist of a milanese church, came from milan for the half hour of a matinee and played brilliantly."
At that time, this organist, like all other organists, received only a travel allowance. Because: the money that ends up in the basket at the benefit events is invested in the preservation of the organ. And they cost a lot: "after 25 years, maintenance must cost around 40,000 euros", so pastor old.

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